Welcome to Journey: Living Life Together’s Website.

My name is Bob Thompson,  Pastor at Journey LLT. I just want to say welcome; I hope Journey’s web page will be a help to you.

We are a group of people that believe in God, and believe that He has a purpose and a plan for each of our lives.

Throughout our web page you will see times and places of events and gatherings — but the reason we gather is because of God love. God’s love for us. God’s love for you. We invite you to gather with us on Sundays 11 to 12 at Timber Ridge School in Albany.  We also what to invite you to check out our community groups that meet on different night in different homes around Albany where you will have a chance to meet people that are on the Journey together.

I always have time to have a cup of coffee and talk, so if you ever want to hear more about how I found Jesus (or Jesus found me), how I know where I’m headed and who I’m following in my journey…let’s talk.




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